The Harvard Club of WNC has three main activities: Service, Interviewing, and Events. Each activity is led by one of our committees.

We all benefit from the dedication, creativity, and expertise of our volunteer committees.

 All alumni in the area are invited to get involved in the activity that they find most compelling!

Harvard Club Activities Survey

Are you interested in being part of any activities with your Harvard Club here in Western North Carolina?

If so, please add your thoughts using the survey found at https://bit.ly/49Picna if you haven't already from the email request.

The Club board members want to support the activities you want! Let us know what those are. Thanks!

Harvard Club Leadership Transition

We have new leaders and we will update the Board information soon.

A Reminder—We Are Paperless!

Communications and financial transactions are available and encouraged online. Make sure Harvard Alumni Association has your correct email address at http://alumni.harvard.edu so you can receive email from the Club about upcoming events.




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